Wanderlust Style Interiors is the concept of Rachel & Nicola 

Two women with creative imaginations, a passion for design & the will to enable everyone to live in a space which makes them happy.  
Life is short, so we think it is crucial to remember the great times & surround yourself with things which evoke these feelings. 
It’s that simple. 


My way of life and concept of style has been influenced wholeheartedly by my relaxed, loving and beautiful childhood in St.Ives, Cornwall. It was full of sand, sea, special light, food, family & art. 
As I have grown up & travelled I have realised how a sense of place & those really special once in a lifetime moments (where we take that mental photo to be able to relive time & time again (we all do it, don't we?)) should be treasured & enjoyed in the everyday. 
For me the magic moments I always draw on are: 
Swimming in the sea in the rain 
Walking bare foot on grass 
The smell of a city in summer 
Eating fresh fish by the sea 
Listening to live music outside on a warm night 
Walking across a beach on a cold day with the wind in your face & the smell of salt air 
Ahhh the list goes on……. 
One way we can bring these enriching experiences and memories into our everyday life is through our interiors and exteriors. It’s wonderful to be able to create a sense of your history, your journey & to capture an essence of your special memories.  
The creation of a beautiful space especially made for you is something I am passionate to be part of. 
Making a connection with Rachel who has a fantstic sense of style, brilliant design skills & shares the same values about living your best life & surrounding yourself with things which make you happy, has been really insipiring for my creativity. The creation of Wanderlust Style Interiors has been borne out of the sense of joy in the things which make us as individuals - happy & content & we want to share that with others.  
Life is short, surround yourself with what makes you happy. 


I’ve always loved travelling and talking! 
Together these have given me some of my best experiences and inspiration for designs. From breath taking ‘rooms with a view’ to meeting interesting, enlightening & uplifting people throughout my travels and daily life I have gathered ideas & insights helping to recreate special places & settings which bring back memories of the places I’ve visited & the amazing people I've had the privilege to meet. 
My personal favourite escapes are: 
Anywhere by the sea 
Feeling the warm breeze on a beach or on a boat in the Mediterranean 
The sound of waves lapping near my feet 
BBQs in the garden with the kids even when it’s snowing! 
Candles or twinkly lights illuminating the evening, chatting & laughing with friends 
Balcony drinks, relaxing in comfy wicker chairs with snuggly throws & fabulous music 
The list is neverending...... 
I grew up in the heart of Constable country in a pretty little village called Dedham. 
Coming from a close family, we grew up looking on the bright side of life & embracing new adventures with confidence & a good helping of humour! 
My love of beautiful views, furniture, things that make us smile, lead me to study Interior Architecture & Design at degree level. My love of learning, will to succeed & inspirational teachers resulted in me achieving my dream with a First Class degree, & winning Student of the Year…which I still hear my father mentioning in conversation even though it was 15 years ago! 
And now, Nicola & I have joined forces to bring you Wanderlust Style Interiors where we hope we can combine our experiences, skills, insights and passion for design with our beautiful vintage collection to enhance your interiors. 
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